So Much Good Stuff

  • Nom Nom Paleo "Posted"

    Posted on 00/00/12

    What’s my verdict?

    Thumbs up!

       The burger was juicy and well-seasoned (despite being well-done) and the sides were tasty. I was especially fond of the savory, sweet, bacon-y roasted spouts. I’m sure the place is still ironing out some kinks but so far so good. We’ll be returning soon!

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  • TripAdvisor "nursedave8 Posted"

    Posted on 06/24/14

       Got hooked going to this place for lunch a few times a week. First it was their blue cheese burger and fries, then their basic burger lunch special. This week a huge potato with broccoli and cheese for $3.50! Everything is hot, and yummy and a good value. Start with the burgers then return to explore the rest.

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